Wednesday, December 5, 2012

M.O.M. Christmas Party

This past weekend, we had the honor of celebrating this amazing season with a group of individuals that I have grown very close to and very fond of!  This group of individuals have become a HUGE support system in our life and we have turned to them for more advice than we could possibly imagine :)  Southern Minnesota's MOM Group!  Oh how I love my fellow Mother's of Multiples!  They get it...the ins, the outs, the ups and downs, the good the bad, the happy the sad!  They can give advice that actually makes sense (and honestly, advice that we actually listen to)!  and the women I have turned to for some very personal advice and insight!  It is because of these women that Josh and I are as strong as we are today...Thank you ladies :)

This was the first BIG event that I volunteered to help prepare!  I was in charge of some crafts :)  I brought coloring pages, the Santa countdown (with cotton balls - thank you Josh for helping "pre" count all of these) and the "Family Christmas Plate" (thank you Pinterest!).

All of these were a hit and so much fun to see so many families joining in together with their children to make crafts, eat snacks, decorate cookies and mingle :)

Callie was so proud of her Santa!  I love how she drew his eyes on :)  Every day we add a cotton ball to Santa's beard!  She tells me where to put glue and away we go :)

She decorated a Mouse for our Christmas tree :)

Snacks and love from and for her brothers :)

Collin thought he would be funny and drink from Callie's sippy cup :)

Cookie decorating - which, by the way - the homemade frosting was the most amazing frosting I have ever had :)  I need this recipe!

Then the fun began!  Santa & Mrs. Claus came!  I couldn't believe it either :)  They were handing out gifts to all of the boys and girls as well ;) Callie was sitting very patiently waiting for her and her brother's names to be called :)

Would you look at this...a gift from Santa :)

How did Santa possibly know that Callie wanted this!?!  WOW!!!

Carter was racked out, but Collin was excited to have a present from Santa as well!

She was so excited to have her picture taken with Santa & Mrs. Claus!  Man does she love them :)

The whole clan!

She ran up and gave them each a big hug goodbye!  It was so sweet :)

Thank you MOM's for putting on such a memorable party for all of our families!  We had an absolute BLAST and couldn't ask for a better group to be apart of :)  Merry Christmas!

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  1. How fun to read all about it! I hadn't heard much looks like a fabulous time for all! And that picture of Callie sitting there waiting so patiently with her arm around her little reindeer? priceless. (Thanks so much for all your help with the crafts! I am so bummed to have missed out on the family Christmas cute!) Wishing you and your adorable family a very merry Christmas!!


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