Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Christmas Season has begun :)

Christmas in the City
For the third year in a row, we have ventured down the day after Thanksgiving to attend Austin's finest, Christmas in the City :)  This is in Downtown Austin and it is a BLAST - especially if you have children :)  What I love most about it, is that it has become a family tradition of ours to go!  

We always go a little early and wait in line FIRST for our pictures with Santa - he comes in at the end of the parade, so we miss the parade, but we see Santa before the large line up begins!  Callie, for the 3rd year, had no tears and was actually excited to see Santa!  She asked Santa for a VERY specific gift, and if you can believe it - it is NOT Doc McStuffins related!  Sorry - can't spill the beans considering it is her wish to Santa!

 Callie growing through the years :)

 The boys were excited to meet Santa!

 This is not the professional photo, but still cute :)

 Bruiser was playing with Callie!

 She love him!
He's the Bruins Hockey Team's mascot :)

 Face paint!

 Oh yes, Doc & Chilly came with!  Every year we go to Steve's Pizza for dinner when we are finished walking around the shops :)  Steve's tends to be a tradition in general for every holiday in our household!

 Eating her cookie she decorated at the bike shop AFTER she ate her pizza...we are semi smart parents :)

 Daddy and Carter :)

Mommy & Collin - looks like I got the spit up too :)

Christmas in the Southwest
For the 2nd year now, we attended Christmas in the SW.  The first year with Callie I was leading up a community wide concert (perfect timing on the date right...darn!), but this is our 2nd year and Callie loves it!  We went to Sterling and saw Santa...again, but this girl was just as excited!  The photos are free and they are high quality - as our very own favorite photographer, Mary Landherr Photography, is the one who takes these shots for the community!  

Callie was just as excited to see Santa and asked him for the SAME gift she did before, only added a small part to it (which technically they go together, so I'm not surprised).  Later she was telling me about something, and I said, you should ask Santa for that, and she responded with, "No mom, I asked Santa for _____".  Okay, so it looks like Santa only brings the one gift!?!??

 The boys waited in line for a very long time and were absolute rock stars!  We are so blessed with such amazing children :)
 Again - not the professional photo, but still SO cute :)

 Callie with Christopher's (our Elf on the Shelf) friend!  She gave Callie a toy Barbie (which was so cheap that it later fell apart and Callie was laughing hysterically that her barbie had one leg!)...


Callie's dance class also performed for the Christmas program!  This was another extremely proud moment as her mother!  If you can recall her dance recital from the spring performance - she was scared out of her wits ends.  She danced in front of hundreds of people, did the moves, but was straight faced and so serious - I wasn't sure if she'd ever do it again!  Last night, she was all smiles, totally into the moves, remembered them and shined!  I could not be more proud of her!  She was so brave to do this in front of everyone!  Her Gal Pal BFF Ella is in her dance class as well, these two girls are beyond cute together :)  Best part is - we love her parents :)  She has a little brother that is just 2 months younger than our boys, so we will have playmates for life (as long as you don't leave us!)
 Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Seriously - things just doesn't get ANY cuter than this!!!!
So proud of her!

 Callie's Dance Friends!

Checking out her friend, Aubrey's muscles here!

 Callie and her Gal Pal Ella :)

 Checking out her fine work that she created :)

 This girl LOVES having her face painted!

If you think this is going to be our final "Christmas" event for the season, you are completely wrong!  We have several more events coming up to keep our holiday excitement going!  And more times to see and visit with Santa!  I will be creating another McRae Family Christmas Shutterfly book for the 2012 holiday season...I just LOVE these memories :)

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