Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Costume/Birthday Party Surprise :)

A few weekends ago we headed up to my sisters for Tyler & Trey's birthday parties.  Tyler's 14th Birthday was on October 29 while Trey celebrated his 10th Birthday on Halloween - Yup he's an October 31st baby!  Heidi throws a wicked fun party so enjoy some of the pictures :)  As usual - it's a story book version of the fun party!

Here was her food table - I LOVE IT!

 Josh's costume was a working Nintendo!  He rigged it up so our iPad was working and you could play old school Mario with the Wii remote!  yes this was a big hit with the boys :)

Bruce made a surprise appearance :)  He was in San Diego for business (from Saudi Arabia), so he flew in for their birthday party :)  It was so awesome to see him!

Mummy wrap!  Trygg wrapped my grandpa (far right) and did a pretty darn good job :)

Here's the whole crazy clan together!  I was "Pinterest"!  My dad was the REAL Clark Griswald :)

My cute kids!  The picture after this was basically all 3 laying on the ground...Callie just couldn't hold up two dragons :)

Doc McStuffins apparently wore a costume to the party :)

My Grandpa helped Callie carve a pumpkin!  I think this is one of the very few pumpkins he has ever carved before - and to share the memory with his great granddaughter!  So sweet :)  I didn't get a better photo, but my sister and mom both did :)

She picked out all the shapes for her happy pumpkin :)

Callie kept going back and admiring her work :)  She loved her pumpkin so much she kissed it :)  Mom of course was picking all of the pumpkin seeds off the table to take home and bake :)

Callie won the "First one done" award...she got a Dr's kit!  How did Auntie Heidi know!?!?!

Superman - I love my Grandpa :)

Sitting down for dinner, Heidi put the beer in front of Carter...he was all about it and opened his mouth and moved right in :)

Everyone needs a picture like this!  I'm pretty sure we have one of Callie doing the same thing...don't worry, no alcohol was consumed in the taking of this picture (by Carter of course)...

Collin was all smiles with daddy!  Or was he happy to see his mommy :)  I think that's it considering he's a mommy's boy :)

My boys and I :)  Snuggle time!

Replacement ref and I hanging out with the boys on the deck!

Snuggles for mommy (who is out of costume)...

The boys were making the best use of Josh's costume...who won first place in the best costume contest!  Callie also won for the kid division!  And the boys won "Scariest" costume!  They were scary dragons :)

So like 6 years ago, Tyler and I were batting a balloon around at my mom's house when it got blown into the corner of her vaulted ceilings and then wrapped, wrapped and wrapped around a branch she had as decoration!  About 2 years later she finally got it down (no slowly deflated, and then she left it there as a conversation starter and memory of funny times)!

She mailed the balloon to me as a joke, so Tyler and I have been passing it back and forth ever since :) I had it wrapped in diapers and gave it to him as part of his present :)  He had gone scuba diving with in in Japan and took a picture...I couldn't top that!

Cupcake time :)

And this is the perfect way to eat a cupcake!

Callie with Uncle Boose!  She is always so excited about him, always talks to him on her "play" phone & wants to see him!  When she does see him, it takes a bit to warm up - I think she's over excited that he is there - in person :)  I love her big eyed smile here!  I'm pretty sure I have a billion pictures of me making the same face :)

Heidi snuggling Collin!

My Bro and I  :)  I love you Bruce - it was so good to see you!

And of course the Dos Amigas!  These two are like two peas in a pod :)  Love you - thanks for being so awesome with Callie all the time!  She loves coming to your house and playing with Auntie Heidi and seeing her cousins!

It was a great party with lots of smiles, laughs and surprises!  And to the rock star host - another great party :)

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