Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

We survived our first Halloween as a family of five!  Yes, I spent a little more on their costumes that I needed to, but seriously - they are way too cute to even care about the cost!

It was a no brainer that Callie would want to be Doc McStuffins - only probably was that they don't sell this costume in stores yet (she's still too new), so I had to get creative and buy pieces from it from all over!

I did just that and successfully found two blue dragon costumes so her brothers could be "Stuffy" - her blue dragon stuffed animal friend :)  Watch the show on Disney Junior if you need help understanding :)

Our fun, festive Halloween began with the carving of our pumpkins :)  We carried the best ones inside!  The ones you see here - left outside - have been eaten by either a squirrel or...wait for it...

... an Opossum!  Yes, we saw one lurking around our yard AFTER we went trick or treating!  Could be him eating them...that little bugger!

Callie was so excited to "wash" all of our pumpkins and get them ready for carving (this was actually the night prior, but we have to be ready!).

Callie and Daddy made the first cut in our pumpkin!  Notice there was no stem - yup, it rotted away or something...all I know is that I picked it up and the stem broke off!  And some of these have bite marks in them, but thankfully they weren't torn apart!

Carter & Collin lost pumpkins from our critters, so thankfully we had extras ;)  They sat and observed their pumpkins, touched them and tried to eat them while we carved the others!

Callie got right in there and dug it out!  She was using the pumpkin scoop, but sure enjoyed it!

They were still sitting around - happy as can be :)

You should not be one bit surprised by the following pictures :)  Yes we are those parents ! Yes I put my kids in a pumpkin :)  Carter was pissed and hated it - but didn't cry for the picture!  

Collin took it like a champ and gave us his sweet - melt your heart - grin :)

As tradition goes in our house, Steve's Pizza picnic in the living room as a "Pumpkin Carving Break" :)  Callie LOVES this!

Here are our pumpkins!  Josh carved Doc McStuffins and I carved Stuffy!  Callie LOVED these pumpkins :)  And they didn't turn out too bad if you ask me :)

A little Halloween treat!

Perfection!  She ate 1/2 of it and saved the other half for day care :)

There's our master pieces!

Grandma Lynn bought the kids Halloween socks :)  I Just love this "foot" picture!

Trying to get a picture of each of them on Halloween - but they weren't really having it!  Collin looks like he was ready for the picture - Carter wanted to lounge on his big sister and watch cartoons :)

This is my friend, Karol & I at work :)  I didn't get any other pictures of my costume!  Here I am...Pinterest!

After school on Halloween, staff members can take their kids trick or treating in the building!  It is so much fun and the kids LOVE it!

Here's everyone who participated this year :)  SO.MUCH.FUN!

And of course - the kids played in the gym...

While Uncle Jason cuddled with his main man, Collin :)

AH yes, the moment Callie has been waiting for!  Trick or Treating :)  She was so beyond excited that she could barely stand it :)  Collin and Carter - well, they were major troopers for us!  They were in and out of their car seats for 2 hours, and they didn't get fussy or complain about their costumes!  I think they have just grown to know that I am going to put them in these costumes regardless!

My sweet little dragons :)

First stop: We headed over to the Old Folks Retirement Home!  The building is behind Walmart and their residence meet in the community room and hand out treats to anyone who goes :)  It's warm, friendly and the kids make out like bandits :)   It helps when you're cute too!  They wanted to keep giving Callie handfuls, thankfully she has learned that she only needs one!  Good girl!

Giving the old guy a nice high five!

Stop # 2 - Lisa's house!  She works in Josh's classroom as his Paraprofessional!  She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold!

We were on our way to visit the Crew's family, but we spotted the yellow banana on the street :)

Next up, Schwab family :)  Beth was so excited to see Callie :)
I think Callie was a little upset that Nate wasn't there, but sometime soon!

We visited the Justice family!  Callie was also sad Stephy and Colie weren't there :(  But she was able to see Jane & Steve!

Of course we visited the Collier's!  Callie even gave their puppies a check up :)  Kathleen missed out on seeing Doc McStuffins - don't worry, she wears her costume all the time :)

This picture is actually her very first time ever trick or treating at a strangers house!  She asked us if she could go inside...I'm so glad we thought to have her practice!

We worked our way to the Ransom household for a visit!  Jordan and his friends were so good to Callie - talking all about Doc McStuffins!

The boys are still going strong in their costumes with Treasure and Dan :)

Callie LOVES hotdogs :)

2 hours in and Doc is still working it :)

:)  I love our crazy family!

Visiting the Ransom Grandparents...they were so thrilled to see our kids!  This was Callie's last house for the evening...she was getting beat!

When we got home, we took one last picture of Callie with her pumpkins!  We weren't sure if they would make it through the night with the crazy critters we have!

The boys were set free and stripped down to cool off!  Collin began to play and roll and have fun!  Stretch out a bit :)

Carter tried to eat - then decided he didn't want it :)

Callie made out like a bandit!  I'd say this is a successful Halloween :)  She was sure excited! 

We had another very fun and exciting Halloween!  It was a blast taking all three of our children around town and visiting our friends :) It's only going to get more crazy year we'll have 3 kids walking around trick or treating!  AH!  Until then!!!

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