Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toddler Time!

Callie has been growing up so quickly and is so much fun! She has brought this amazing spark to our lives! And that was a tough job considering it was Josh and I who are always happy, cheerful and sparks flying everywhere!

I've always considered myself extremely blessed, happy and more loved than I can imagine! I have an amazing husband who loves me more and more everyday! He makes me want to be a better person! But then we were blessed with something I didn't realize could touch my life the way she has...Callie Lynae! Looking back at pictures, videos & posts...Callie is a true gift from God and I am so very thankful for her!

We have been giving Callie jobs! She has to brush her own teeth (after we brush them of course). We start by singing the ABC's, then we hand over her toothbrush, say "your turn" and then sing the ABC's again! Then we say "All done" and that's that! She has been feeding Kix, helping mom put laundry from the washing machine into the dryer, she brings her dirty clothes to her hamper (more to her bedroom -sometimes she actually gets them in), and she SOMETIMES cleans up her toys. She will do a great job of putting them away, but just before Josh and I grab the item/bucket-she dumps it out again! She has also been helping us get the mail. She gets to open the mailbox, then takes one letter out, hands it to one of us, then grabs the next. She does this until it's all out. Callie gets to hold the last item in the mailbox AND close it :) She loves it!

Here is a little video we captured of Callie feeding Kix :) She knows exactly what to do - mostly because this has become a routine!

Callie not only does a wonderful job feeding Kix, but she plays with him! Although her way of playing is more aggressive, I'm surprised Kix puts up with it! Worlds BEST cat goes to Kix :)

PS - He never actually bites her's more of a playful nibble!

This final video was just captured tonight! Callie finished eating her supper, but Josh and I were not done yet. So I decided to break a chocolate chip cookie into quarters and give her a couple pieces. I asked her if she liked her cookie and she looked up and very clearly said "COOKIE" It was AWESOME to hear :) Then she kept saying it and smiling! So like I always do - I grabbed the camera right away to capture this moment!

I did call the original "Cookie Monster" that evening to share this new word...he very much enjoyed it, and I'm sure Callie and Grampa will be enjoying many cookies together - now that she can ask for them :)


  1. I love how Kix is starting to fight back now that she is older - when she grabs him. They know when babies are old enough to learn not to pull their tails and legs! LOL

  2. GREAT videos! She is growing up so fast!