Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Como Zoo!

Over Memorial Weekend, Josh and I decided it would be fun to head over to Como Zoo to introduce Callie to some REAL LIVE GIRAFFES! We had talked about inviting others to come along; however, the week flew by much more quickly than we anticipated!

Before we knew it, we were getting ready to head to the cities! I quickly sent out an email to our family and some friends inviting anyone to join us in a fun filled day at the Como Zoo!

Heather, Claire, Andrew, Grandpa Don & Sharon were very excited to join us for a fun filled day! Our first stop was the monkeys and boy were they fun :) I seriously could have sat and watched them all day!

The baby monkey kept grabbing boxes, carrying them up to this little pedestal and wearing it on his head :) He was so funny to watch!
Grandpa Don & Sharon sure loved spending time with their granddaughter! Callie was lucky enough that she lasted in her stroller all about the walk INTO the zoo! Grandpa wouldn't have it and he and Sharon traded off carrying Callie and holding her hand :) They really enjoyed showing Callie the monkeys!! I like this cute little picture of them...the monkey wanted in on the action :) Monkey see, monkey do!

I love this flamingo shot that Josh captured! I'll be honest, they are beautiful birds, but man do they smell!

I'm not 100% sure what Sharon is showing Callie here, but I think it was some sloths :) Regardless of the animal, Callie was sure observing him :) She looks like such a big girl!

I just love this picture! This was the three of them the whole trip! SO CUTE!

Checking out the ginormous tortoise! I think she is looking back at those fun, crazy monkeys!

Callie and I were watching the seal show :) It was cute, but I was hoping there would have been more water tricks! Maybe there were more, but we got bored watching him play with the instructor!
Time to move on...
Callie and Grandpa before lunch!

THE GIRAFFES! However, Josh wasn't too sure that Callie carries her love of giraffes anymore. She just watched them the way she did any other animal :) That and they are HUGE and hard to take in at first :)

Family photo with the giraffe (inside). I think Callie is saying "WHOA! He's bigger than my giraffes!"

Photo with Heather and Callie's cousins before they headed out! It was so much fun hanging out with you guys! Glad you could make it :)

Callie as a Polar Bear :) Hey, do you know how much a baby polar bear weighs???

Only 1 pound...that's it! I love that Callie is growling in this picture as if she is a polar bear :) Haha!!


Family picture :) I seriously love us! It was such a fun day-and we got to see giraffes!

Grandpa wanted us to play some games, so Josh suggested basketball...I won Callie the ball...Josh did not! Looks like Callie will have to get her shooting abilities from her mommy!!

Callie and mommy on a train ride ! I love this picture because it captures exactly how much she enjoyed it!

I LOVE HER! She's my everything! Very fun train ride! I loved listening to her giggles the whole way :)

Callie and daddy sitting so nicely for Callie's FIRST EVER Caricature :) It turned out just like her and couldn't be any cuter! Thank you Grandpa Don & Sharon for this fun gift! We will cherish it forever (now to just find a frame that will fit it!)

It was a very fun, busy day, and Callie zonked out before we were out of the parking lot! Thank you so much Heather, Don & Sharon for joining us and making out trip to the Como Zoo even more memorable because you were there to enjoy the day :)


  1. Great post...loved it! Can't wait to see you all this weekend! YEA!!!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! She is growing up so fast!


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