Monday, May 30, 2011

Mama Marla's Fun Run

On May 14th, Josh and I headed up to Long Prairie, MN to participate in the annual "Mama Marla's Fun Run". One of Josh's best friends, Grant Schnell's mom-Marla, has been organizing this fun run for the past 10 years. She has captured the hearts of over 100 participants to give back. The proceeds go to provide Christmas presents for children who otherwise probably wouldn't receive any.
Here is some more information on her GREAT Race!!

This year, Callie was able to participate! Early Saturday morning, we all woke up nice and early to head to Long Prairie! Lynn drove, so Josh and I were able to take a little snooze in the back :) Lynn & Larry were going to bike the 15 mile bike ride; however, decided to do the 5K walk instead-you see, it had been raining ALL MORNING! I don't blame them :)

Josh and I decided to run the 5K again this year -but I was pushing the jogging stroller. For any of you mommies out there who have ever run while pushing a jogging stroller-you know it is a workout in itself! Now imagine doing that in the cold, windy, rain! But, I finished the whole thing :)
Callie filling up on her fluids before she ventures out for her 5K run :)

The McRae Family Pre-Run!

Lynn & Larry Pre-Walk!

Parents of the year - I THINK SO! She was set and ready to venture out in the rain!

The volunteers who were directing the runners sent the 5K runners down the 10K trails...figuring MAYBE Marla changed routes this year, we all turned down the dirt path! Before you knew it, we were passing the Schnell's house-which was 1 mile down the road...meaning that we had run way further than we needed to! Once Josh and his little crew he was running with (cough cough-13/14 year olds cough cough) passed the "10K 2 mile mark", they realized they had gone WAY further than they needed to! They all turned around running at total of 4 miles (supposed to only run 3.1 miles). I turned around a little before them, so I ran a total of 3.5 miles.
Callie Post-Run! She did GREAT!

McRae Family Post-Run!
(Sorry Josh, the two pictures we have - your eyes are closed in both of them!)

Lynn & Larry Post-Walk!

Callie enjoying the Spaghetti Feed! She devoured it :) Little girls work up a big appetite when running 3.5 miles :)

Not a big deal you may say! Well, Josh and I weren't prepared for this! We hadn't been running, meaning our bodies were not ready for this! We figured-"Ah, we're athletic and we're always on the go, we'll be fine!" Well, I was fine...the next day was another story for Josh! Talk about feeling old :) Love you sweetie!!!

Lynn, Callie & Marla (The Brains behind this Organization!)

Josh and Grant - times apart and yet you're still so crazy together :)

It was another successful event, and if you are interested in participating next year, please visit the web address above for more information :) SO MUCH FUN! And the spaghetti dinner afterwards is DELICIOUS! (Hint hint - Mom & Dad - you two should consider doing it next could go on the bike ride!!!)

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