Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's the Little Moments!

As a parent, I have learned that there are so many moments in Callie's life that I am filled with an excessive amount of joy and excitement. The first time Callie lifted her head, rolled over, sat up, started crawling, walking, running, dancing, holding the bottle by herself, moving from the bottle to the sippy cup, eating solid foods, feeding herself, feeding herself while properly using the fork, wiping her mouth, going potty, brushing her own teeth, feeding our cat, helping mommy with laundry, reading books on her own, playing independently, sitting for a wagon ride, pushing a cart, pushing a stroller, taking care of her own baby doll, going down the slide by herself, pulling herself through a tunnel. This list is endless, and I know I could go on FOREVER!

Callie is 15 months old, and in that 15 months so much has happened. I look at my life and think - what all have I done in 15 months. Seriously think about it - take 1 year of your life (over age 20), and how much changing, growing and learning have I done in 1 year. I know there were times when it felt like I was on information over load, but really...not that much! I then stop and look at Callie and I can't even begin to wrap my brain around how much growing and learning and changing she has done in her short life!

This girl continues to amaze me EVERY SINGLE DAY!

There are going to be different moments in her life that she is able to experience more bonding time with either myself or her daddy.

Last night-it was the most proud moment, extreme bonding moment between Callie and I :)

I was getting ready to go to my friend's bachelorette party in the cities (yes, I drove 2 hours there and back in 1 night...but Ashley Connick is so worth it!). I was finishing up putting on my make up, curling my hair, finalizing my outfit, etc...when I realized that I needed to put a fresh coat of nail polish on my toes. By this time, Callie had realized that I was doing girly things in the bathroom, so she brought 2 books in and plopped down on the floor to 'hang with mom'.

I lifted my foot onto the counter top so I could paint my toenails. Callie looked at me, saw the bottle, and made a squealing noise. I asked Callie, "Callie, would you like to have your toe nails painted?" Something that we have done SEVERAL times (I always paint them when she's in her high chair so she won't smudge the paint all over)...

Callie sat down and stuck her foot out! Me, thinking - NO WAY! Got down on the floor and started painting, and Callie, well, she sat there and let me do it :) BOTH FEET! And then she sat there and let them dry!

Now to some men out there, you may be thinking - big deal, it's toe nail polish! But let me tell you - it is apart of being a women - having nice toes nails!

I was so proud and overfilled with joy :) My baby girl likes having pedicures!!!! Looks like mommy will have a new partner to go get pedicures with!!!!!

Callie Lynae, I LOVE YOU!

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