Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day "FOUR" Everyone :)

This Father's Day, Josh, Callie and I packed up our car on Saturday night to head to the cities! Callie had gone out and picked up some GREAT Father's Day gifts for her daddy, so we didn't want to haul everything up there for him to open!

Saturday morning, Josh woke up to Callie and I starting breakfast and a table FULL of Father's Day Gifts! French Toast and Hash browns for breakfast-a breakfast of champions :) Callie carefully carried each gift over to her daddy, but I had to help her with the really big ones. I think Callie is starting to get to that age where opening gifts is fun, because there are surprises in them ;) The reason I think this, is because Callie wanted to open all of Josh's gifts!

We gave daddy new softball socks, a "Daddy's Girl" picture frame, a new weed whacker and a hand made "Daddy's To Do List" - full of things Daddy needs to do with Callie-basically before she moves out of the house one day (sad thought).

We went to Grandpa Don's House (yes, our dad's have the same name-this Grandpa is Josh's Dad). Read side note for a clarification (below). We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed watching Callie splash around in the puddles outside. Not exactly the weather we were hoping for, but she had fun :) It was hilarious, because she slipped in a puddle and ended up on her bottom in the puddle! Yup, she was SOAKED! That's okay, because we went swimming in their indoor pool. If there is one thing this girl LOVES to do - is go swimming! And it was a heated pool, so mommy and daddy LOVED it as well!

It was cute watching her get out, take Sharon's hand and strut her stuff around the pool...then jump back in to us :) Afters swimming, Callie was able to play a little more before it was time to go to bed! the four of us (Don, Sharon, Josh & I) watched a movie Hallpass - it's hilarious in case you haven't seen it!

Side note: My parents (Kathy & Don) have been spelling Grandparents the same way (since Tyler was born almost 13 years ago)...Gramma & Grampa-so that has carried all the way through all their grandkids. When we say Gramma & Grampa - we mean my parents. When I type Grandpa, I mean Grandpa Don-Josh's Dad. When I type Grandma, I mean Grandma Lynn-Josh's Mom.

FATHER'S DAY! We woke up bright and early to meet my dad at the golf course :) The two of us and our dad's all went golfing at Dwan Golf Course in Bloomington! It was SO MUCH FUN! I haven't golfed in almost 2 years (since I was pregnant), so I was VERY rusty! I'm so glad they all brought their patience along, because I SUCKED! That's okay though, because we still had fun, and I did much better on the green! My best was chipping it out of the sand trap and being within a foot of the hole! I can't remember who hit it, maybe Josh, but everyone had to yell "FOUR" - that was my first that was pretty sweet :)

After 9 holes, Mike took my place and golfed the back 9 so I could head out (honestly, I don't have it in my to golf 18!). My mom picked me up and we headed back to Don & Sharon's!

When the guys came back, we headed downstairs to grill out the most delicious steaks I've had in a VERY long time! Callie again was walking all over the courtyard and stomping in puddles :) Us girls all headed up stairs before the guys, because I wanted to lay Callie down for a nap before they headed back up. She was SO tired!

We all sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal! With our tummies full and hearts happy, we vegged out until Callie woke up to keep us entertained :) After my parents left, we headed downstairs again to go swimming-this time OUTSIDE! The weather was nice enough to take her in the pool! She seriously LOVES to go swimming :)

Thank you Dad's for a great Father's Day! We love you so much and really enjoyed our time together with you :)

My Dad and I :)

I kept wanting to get a picture of OD (other dad) and Josh; however, we didn't :( So we'll get one next time we're together!

Josh, you are the most amazing father Callie could have! You love her more than words can describe, and she knows it! She wouldn't be as happy as she is without you! Thank you for being a constant in my life and for always taking care of us. We are two lucky ladies to have you!! Happy Father's Day!
Daddy and his Princess :)

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