Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Callie (June Edition)

This morning, Callie started making noises around 7:00 AM - I had an 8:20 Dentist appointment (I love the dentist), so it was a morning for Josh to wake up with Callie. I was still WAY too tired to get out of bed at 7:00, so we let Callie talk a little bit -turns out that helped...she went back to bed!

I got HOME from my dentist appointment at 9:00 AM...Josh had just woken up, and Callie was STILL sleeping! So I started to make breakfast! This is her monitor - when the green light goes up - that's when she's making noises...notice it's at a 1 and the clock says 9:30...

It was a little into my making of breakfast that our princess woke up! 9:40 AM to be exact (that's right, she was in bed by 7:15 PM the night before)...I brought her into the bathroom right away to have her go potty...SHE DID! She went potty in the potty!!!! This is now the 2nd time she has done this! I wasn't 100% sure if she realized what she did the first time she did this, but turns out-she's ready!

Okay, back to breakfast:
Blueberry Pancakes for Callie, regular pancakes with cheesy hash browns for mommy and daddy! Lucky for us, we have blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries in our house right now - as well as all the fixings to make a smoothie- so I also made those :) Turns out Callie LOVES smoothies! She also indulged in a nice bowl of fruit (she love fresh fruit).

After a very messy breakfast, we got Callie all changed in to her comfy clothes for a cool Friday afternoon! I had some of the windows open, but it was too cold, so we had to close them! Callie had a blast playing with her dolly and pushing her around the house. She hasn't quite figured out how to put her in the correct way, but she'll figure it out in due time!

We brought Callie back into the bathroom again to "try" and go potty! SHE DID IT! So Callie and I headed downstairs to tell Daddy - who was working out! Callie danced a little with daddy while he worked out, then she insisted on bringing him his Power aide - he must have looked exhausted to her!

Callie also Skyped with Gramma & Auntie Colleen (surprise to see Auntie Colleen on skpye -she's so funny!!!). She was able to share her exciting "I peed" news...she didn't say it, but you could tell!
She spent a lot of time playing downstairs! Playing in her Princess Castle, with her kitchen, with her legos, with her little people, and of course-bothering daddy during his workout!

By this time (because she woke up so blasted late) it was time for lunch! What's better on a cold summer day (technically still spring until the 21st) than Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese! YUMMY! Callie has been doing an awesome job of using her fork all by herself! She was even able to eat her soup BY HERSELF! She would make a mad noise at us when we would feed her, so I let her at it :) Yes she was a little more sloppy, but she did it! She would dip her spoon and lick it clean! She hasn't figured out the correct way to use a spoon-but that's okay! She is stabbing food with her fork :) If it happens to stay on, it goes right into her mouth! She's so proud of herself too!

Lunch was really messy, so Callie AND daddy had to change outfits! I taught Callie how to give "Eskimo Kisses", so she was showing daddy how to do them! SO CUTE :) She picks things up so quickly!

We wanted to go looking at new cars, so we laid Callie down for her afternoon nap-after going potty AGAIN! She was not ready to nap. She did lay in there and "rest" for about 30 minutes. So we played some more! FINALLY, she was ready! Callie napped for about 1.5 hours before we headed out to look at cars!

She did a pretty good job at the dealership! She just sat in her stroller, eating snacks :) I'm sure she was filling her diaper thinking, "Seriously mom, you want me to go in the potty, then you haul me out here and leave me hanging to dry!?" On our way home, Josh decided to take a "different" road...who knows! But there were two garage sales -so we decided to stop and look. Good thing we did - we found a swing for $5.00...we have one already, you're probably thinking! Well, Jessica (day care provider) no longer has hers, so we bought this one to have at her house! That way Callie can swing when she's at Jessica's :) YEAH! Win Win!

Of COURSE we had to deliver the swing! Remind you, it has been an entire week since we have seen the Crew's Family, so we've been missing them like crazy :) Turns out - they've missed us too - well, I can speak for Alexis 100%. She saw that it was us getting out of our car-she dead sprinted over to us - by-passed me and went straight for Callie! Callie was all smiles and SO EXCITED to see Alexis! After the whole family was out, she was so happy to see everyone again :) She just picked up right where she left off...chasing the kids around, taking out the toys, winning over Jessica :) (We love you Jessica!!!)

After we left, it was potty again when we got home! YEAH! Go Callie :) And of course supper! Dinner for Josh and I was grilled chicken wrapped with bacon and baked potato with green beans. Callie just picks at grilled chicken, so we cooked up a hot dog for her instead! Not just any hot dog though! You see, the first summer I ever went up north to the lakes, Lynn brought the most delicious hot dogs I've ever eaten (Josh agrees) "Schweigert Old Fashioned Wieners"...they are located in the Walmart grocery (but recently sold in HyVee - YEAH!!!!). They're a little bit more spendy for hot dogs, but SO WORTH IT! They have that extreme juicy effect when you eat them. They taste best on the grill or in the bonfire :)
Lynn, I have to thank you for introducing us to these...they are unbelievable! Anyway, back to my point! Callie ate this for supper instead! I feel like I should receive some money for product placement in our blog :) She enjoyed some veggies, fruit and cottage cheese to go with it :)

After supper, it was bath time! Well, after trying to go potty. She did not go this time, but I can guarantee she went as soon as she got into the nice warm bathtub! She loves splashing around in there! But she let me know when she was ready to get out - leg up and attempted to get out of the tub!

Next was time to brush her teeth and her hair! As you've read in previous posts, you know how much Callie enjoys brushing her teeth! YEAH - She still enjoys this :) We tried to go potty again, but she didn't have to go. Good trying though!

Time to get our PJ's on, powder to smell good (on her tummy-she always laughs when we rub it in!), and all ready for bed! Because it was a little early yet, we let Callie stay up to play! She was having a blast reading her books. She was sitting in her chair reading, then she'd switch to the floor, then switch books, then come to me or her daddy!

We have this set of ABC books (one book per letter with great illustrations inside), and she was totally into it! We'd show her an animal, say its name, and make the sound that animal makes. Callie was repeating the sounds-it was awesome! Last night, her favorite was the owl: "WhooWhoo"...her high pitched little sound...I loved it! She even repeated names of animals like duck "guck" and zebra "z-ba". If you notice her shorts in the following pictures, daddy wanted Callie to have some "Baller" shorts, so he picked out these basketball shorts for Callie :) We were just trying them on here - yup, they fit! She can even sag them a little bit!

Finally it was time for bed. After giving kisses to daddy & mommy...finally it was time to say goodnight to Kix :) I didn't take any pictures of Callie in bed, because I didn't want to wake her with the flash. She's been sleeping really lightly and I didn't want to wake her!

Here is some pictures of Callie's Potty Chart! We have it hanging right above her potty. She even knows exactly what to do with the stickers once she goes potty! It's amazing how quickly her little brain can learn these things...just amazing!

Hope you enjoyed A Day in the Life of Miss Callie :) Enjoy your summer :)

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  1. Yay I love it! Just so awesome how she picks up everything! And those hot dogs ARE great. Ryan and I only buy those! :)