Monday, April 20, 2009

Full weekend in the cities...

We headed up to the cities on Friday night (after happy hour, so we got a late start...don't worry, we were 100% capable of driving). 35 minutes into our treck up to the cities, I asked Josh if he had our concert tickets, which he did! But at that very moment, we realized we forgot our Twins tickets for Sunday -so we had to turn around and go back...GRRR!!!

We went to the Travis Concert at Fine Lines. It was such a great time :) Josh was right - I liked it!

This band is a Scottish Alternative Rock Band!

We stayed at Mom McRae's house that night and Grandma and Grandpa were there. It was really nice to hang out and chat for awhile! We woke up and ate breakfast together...

Then we headed over to the golf course where Dad McRae set us up with some golf lessons! Boy did it help me :) We even played 9 holes! My dad and Other Josh came out to play with us :) Let is be known that I beat OJ on hole # 1 AND # 5 :) And this guy hit it more than 300 yards on one I have to brag - only because he's good :)

On Sunday Josh and I went to the Twins game with my parents. It was our first "season ticket" game for us this year. And we won - so that was really good! The Twins played the Angels - it sure was sad to see Hunter in a different jersey.


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  1. So have you done anything in the last two months???


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