Sunday, April 5, 2009

Demolition at the McRae's

We began this project through discussions based on the current conditions of our downstairs guest room. From the beginning, when we first moved into our house, we wanted to create a "MN Gopher" room. The problem being, this bedroom had panelling for the walls.

We felt this room was put together rather "cheap" with paneling walls and stapled up tiled ceilings (the ceiling in which Striker, our cat, fell through...).

We began talking to some friends and discovered that it wouldn't be TOO difficult to do this project ourselves.

It all began today...This is what our room looked like with the paneling walls...
From here, we had some amazing helpers in the McRae Demolition process. Our good friends, Jason and Lisa Denzer came over and Bob Bednar (our school custodian) came by to make sure we didn't kill ourselves.
When Lisa came walking in holding a hammer and Bob with a Crowbar, we knew today would be a great day! Here are the beginning stages of room demolition! Tearing down the ceiling...

Once the ceiling was out, Lisa and I realized we had A LOT of nails and staples to pull out that were left behind from the stupid, cheap tiles! While we were pulling them out of the ceiling, the boys went at it and started tearing down the walls...
The one wall is the joining wall to our storage room. As soon as Bob pulled the one piece of panelling down, we realized just how messy our storage room really is! You see, we are having a garage sale this summer and figured we'd sell everything first and then donate it to an organization for whatever items didn't sell.

Here are a few pictures of an empty walls, no ceiling...just cement and a storage room! Doesn't it look beautiful (NOT!)

I also am including a fun video of the men working :) This is the wall that is on the other side of our family room...Thank goodness Lisa is so smart! She managed to catch our fire alarm before it landed into a cup of water and our clock before it broke!
Without our great help today, Josh and I would be up to our heads in panelling and ceiling tiles...and we'd probably be killing each other right about now...
Step 1: Demolition....COMPLETE
Step 2: Purchasing materials
Step 3: Sheet Rocking....April 24/25 (if you want to help, let us know!!!)


  1. Pretty sure you will love it when it is all finished!!! I love home projects so much...NOT! LOL!

  2. Nice - you guys are really getting adventurous - maybe when it's done Carolyn can come down and be the shortest Goldy ever one more time to christen the room!


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