Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oops - it's already July!

So I haven't updated in awhile! And several of you have probably stopped following, but we are going to get better!

Josh wasn't too keen about keeping this up to date, but I think he'll jump on the bandwagon now :)

Josh has been working diligently on finishing up the downstairs bedroom...and after months of working - he's DONE! Our friend, Andy, helped so much! Everything is done - even the new desks, chairs, chaise lounge, and diploma frames :) The upstairs room has now turned into a HUGE walk in closet for Josh - I'm so jealous!

Josh has also been finishing his Master's! One day we had softball, so he talked my mom into going on the UofM website to do his "chat" for him :) So funny! But he'll finish up at the end of the summer and have completed his Master's Degree! YEAH!

I too have been busy - I am currently finishing up my 2nd course this summer for my Principal's Licensure! It's been a lot of work, but I love it :) I can't believe how quickly time goes! And I started selling Pampered Chef-it's going so well, I just love it! I have met so many great new people, and I can't wait to meet more!!

I guess this is our update for now - but MUCH more to come soon!!!!
Cori & Josh

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