Thursday, June 18, 2015

Track Meet June 2015

This is the first year our boys were able to participate in the track meet this year!!  They were pretty excited!  Due to our high school's track being torn up (building a "dome") the track meet was held at the softball fields.  Under the circumstances, they did a great job keeping it all organized.  The biggest complaint we had, as well as others, was the lack of ribbons they handed out this year.  We are not those kind of parents to feel that "every child deserves to win or receive a ribbon," however, every other meet Callie came home with a handful of ribbons.  This year, instead of having 4-5 runners at a time, they had 20-30 runners at a time.  They awarded the top 3 runners, which obviously took our kids out of the running - totally okay!  They received their participation ribbon which was okay to them :)

Callie's awesome long jump!

Collin is so sweet - I love the man's reaction when Collin was throwing it :)

Grampa Shellum, you'd be so proud of Carter's amazing throw!

Great jump!

Here are a couple races we caught on camera :)  There were a few videos where the boys here trampled over, but that's to be expected with a billion kids running at once :)  Callie ran with her friends and enjoyed the company of the run!

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