Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How can my babies be 3 years old already!?!?!

This happened...Josh and I officially blinked and BOOM - our boys turned three years old!  I can barely believe it myself.  I remember waking up on their birthday and congratulating Josh!  "We have survived three years and we've kept them all alive!" - I believe those were my exact words!

It is true though - we survived three years of absolute chaos, explosive messes and and indescribable amount of love!!

Collin - our fun loving, high energetic, very curious and willing to try anything little boy!  You have eyes that twinkle and tell us that mischief is about to happen.  You give incredible hugs and kisses!  I love when you tell me everyday that you love me more than ____.  Ususally it's hotdogs or chicken nuggets!  In your 3 year old eyes, that is HUGE!  I love you two sweetheart!  I am so incredibly proud of you and the young little boy you are!

Carter - our cautious, observant little boy with more secretive spunk than an alley cat!  Your sweet little smirt gives away your shyness, but your tight squeezes and long kisses are sure to melt anyone's heart - especially mine.  I love how cautious you are about life, but after your careful observations, you dive in head first and aren't afraid to try something.  I am so proud of you and I know you are going to do incredible things in your sweet little life!  What those things are, I'm not sure yet, but I know they're going to be BIG!!!

For your 3rd birthday, you requested a Paw Patrold birthday party - so a Paw Patrol party is what you received :)  It was so fun planning your party and watching your excitment grow as the days drew nearer!  What are you going to say now that your birthday has come and gone!?  Everyday leading up to it, when you didn't get your way, you would say, "You're not coming to my bifday" - or you'd invite EVERYONE to your "bifday"!  Oh boys, please stop growing up so fast!!

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