Friday, September 26, 2014

McRae Five will remain five!

Last year, in June 2013, Josh and I knew our family was complete.  As Josh went into the clinic to have his surgery, I said  a little prayer for him and his little swimmers.  Knowing this was it, I still felt comforted knowing we have three beautiful babies who provide us more entertainment than we will ever receive anywhere else.

Back in February, I started noticing I was having some "female" complications.  I remember calling my mom around 11PM one evening almost in tears, "MOM, my insides are falling out!"  I was shocked and scared.  I didn't know what was going on.

I made a Dr. appointment soon after only to hear the news... "Yes, Cori, your cervix is falling out."  I will be honest, it was not something I was expecting to hear at the age of 30 (remember, back in February).  I tried a few different "options" throughout this time to try and "fix" my problem.  All of which were still leaving me uncomfortable and it did not solve anything.

I wasn't until this summer when the embarrassment set in.  I would be out running and would have to "shift" my body to keep it in place.  Jumping on the trampoline was absolutely not happening...I don't feel that an explanation is needed!  A laugh too hard, an unexpected sneeze, a bad cough, running, yoga, jumping, wresting with my kids, etc... you name it, I had issues!

Thankfully, in August, I had made another appointment to find answers.  It was at that appointment when it was determined that I would need to have a hysterectomy to really truly "fix" my problem.

Here's where I am at....It is Friday evening, September 26th, two days after I underwent major surgery.  Major to say the least - I had no idea how serious this one was going to be.  I knew, going in, that I was going to have TONS of "parts"  removed.  I knew I was going to be put under for surgery.  I knew I would need six weeks to recover.

The pain that I have been in, I had no idea!  I was not prepared for the amount of pain that I am experiencing. My Dr. is seriously one of the absolute best, as well as his nurse!  I was in wonderful hands and knew that this surgery would be top notch.

Dr. Nace removed my cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, patched my bladder and my rectum.  If you seriously stop and think about everything that took place during this surgery, there was a lot going on down there.  No wonder I am in so much pain.  He left my ovaries so I can still go through natural menopause (gee, how wonderful!)

Is this too much information for you, as a reader?  Maybe, but this is me - this is who I am.  I write my thoughts, I am open and I am honest.  I have amazing friends who have been here for me as well as my wonderful family!

Jenny and Lisa, you two were at my house the night I came home, and gave absolutely no judgements to my constant movements while I attempted to find comfort.  Mom, you came down for surgery and again the next day to take care of me and do about 1,000 loads of laundry as well as pick up around the house!  Josh, you have been simply amazing!  If it weren't for your memory, I would be completely off on taking my pain meds!  Thank you for staying on top of them and helping me find comfort through the pain.

There are many, many benefits to this wonderful surgery I under went, and I am continually reminding myself of them to get through these painful days:
1. no more period for me ... EVER
2. my cervix won't fall out anymore, meaning I can continue doing all of the activities I had to stop doing
3. no more bloating
4. no more major mood swings
5. did I mention no more period, because that's AWESOME!

There are some downfalls as well:
1. I can't pick up my kids for 6 weeks...6 weeks :(  That is so unbelievably hard.  They can sit on my lap, and I can snuggle them, but no picking up.
2. I am experiencing excruciating pain
3. honestly, I am terrified to poop again
4. there will never be an accidental McRae (could be a positive as well)

Like all of my blog posts, this is a journal for me.  Some people do them privately while I chose to post them.  I'm 31 years old and I just had a Hysterectomy. I just experienced the most painful surgery I have ever undergone (5 surgeries total in my life) and of all of this...the absolute WORST which I cannot explain...

I gained weight.  WHAT THE HELL???  They removed parts of my body and I GAINED weight?  It has to be the IV's, water intake or the fact that I am terrified to poop!

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