Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today was not the outcome I expected...

Today started out as any normal day...only difference was Collin had a slight fever.  At first I thought it was the onset of a cold, but after seeing him with his hands in his mouth all day, I knew it was teeth.  His fever never reached more than 101.

We had plans to attend a picnic with our friends tonight and there were going to be so many kids there!  Knowing he had been improving and I figured it was his teeth - we went!

What an incredible time!  There were 28 kids there!  Our good friends Melissa and Eric organized the entire thing!  We barbecued, played at the park, played with bubbles, etc... great time!  Collin was starting to feel very warm and just wanted to be held, so after quite awhile, I decided it was time to go before he may have gotten sick.

On the drive home, Callie was talking up a storm!  I got to the corner of 9th St. and 12th Ave. - about to turn left to go home...instead I looked back at Collin and saw his eyes rolled into the back of his head - veering off to the right...  I immediately said, "OH SHIT...SHIT SHIT SHIT"  I turned to the right to head to the hospital - I knew it, Collin was having a seizure.  In a panic, I pulled over right in front of the fair grounds - across from the trains...I got out - and opened his door.  His lips were blue and his head was bobbing - eyes still rolled.  I immediately called 911 while trying to get him to come back.  The clock said 7:20 - I remember that.

God has an incredible way of working!  You see, Josh was picked up from the park by our friend, Jason.  They had their championship softball game...I had all the kids.  As I was on the phone with the emergency line, my friend Megan pulled up behind me.  I kid you not - her white car looked like angel wings, and she was in the front seat - and I will always remember the look of concern she had on her face, but that of "I am here for you - it's going to be okay".  Before I knew it, our friends Ryan & Melissa were pulled over, and my friend Laura with her family.  Everyone stopped.  About 4 minutes - maybe not even that - the ambulance pulled up.  I remember looking at the paramedic (her name was Jessica - she was amazing) and said, "Please take him, please help him".

While in the ambulance, picture happy mom was holding Collin and fighting back tears.  The paramedic got him stable and told me to take some pictures of him - said I would regret not having them down the road.  So I did...

Megan and Melissa had already pulled Callie and Carter out of the car - I went into the ambulance and my friends, my amazing friends that God placed in my life and put them at this spot at this very moment, took care of my other two kids.  They called my husband (whose phone was dead!) - Megan called a friend of hers that she knew was at the softball fields and told her to get Josh...Megan then broke the news to Josh in the most calm manner!  Ryan drove my car to pick up Josh -Melissa followed in her car.

Collin finally came out of his seizure in the had lasted between 3-5 minutes.  Scariest moment of my life.  I told the nurse in ER - I've always known I love my kids more than anything, that I would do anything for them at anytime, but I didn't realize the depth of my love until this very moment...when my heart was literally RIPPED out of my body and all the love I had was draped over Collin as he sat buckled up in his car seat.

They ran several tests on Collin - mostly blood work...his fever in the ambulance and at the ER was 100.4 degrees.  That is ONE HUNDRED POINT FOUR...barely a fever...I think that is the temperature schools send kids home at...why did he seizure?  Why did this little fever cause this???

I will say this, I have never been so pleased with the Mayo Clinic in Austin's ER than I was tonight.  The nurses were amazing (they usually are), but the Dr. we had was suburb for an ER doctor in Austin!  He was so patient, so kind and spoke to me knowing I was freaking out inside!  I could not be anymore pleased with the care Collin received!

When Josh did arrive, I had Callie's sandals still, so he was carrying both Callie & Carter!  Carter's reaction was priceless.  He was rubbing Collin's back, saying "Collin sick".  Josh eventually drove them home where Kathleen & Jacob met him to babysit for us!  I chuckled, because the last time those two were babysitting, we had gone into labor with the boys :)

Eventually, when we went home, Collin was sleeping and sad.  Carter was sleeping on Kathleen, because he had refused to sleep in the bedroom without Collin.

Which, Carter now says his first swear word..."Oh Shit" - great...I guess under the circumstances I can't beat myself up too much :)

I know this happens to others, I know tons of people have been through this themselves or with their own children, but the moment it happens to your own child, you own flesh and blood, your heart stops beating and you feel as if your world is coming crashing down.  At least that is how I felt today.  Seeing all the support flooding in from my friends there, in front of the fair grounds, or seeing the continuous texts flooding my phone - it was God, putting these friends in my life to help put my heart back into place!

With that being said, THANK YOU and Praise the Lord!

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