Saturday, September 21, 2013

Northwood Apple Orchard

This weekend my mom and dad came down to visit, and on Saturday, it just happened to be a MOM outing at the Northwood Apple Orchard.  The thing I LOVE about these MOM outings, is that you can go to these wonderful places, see so many friendly/familiar faces (and lots of other multiples) and your family can attend at a discounted rate!

My mom and dad were along, so for one of the few times out in public, my kids were outnumbered!

Northwood Apple Orchard is located in Oronoco, MN (north of Rochester) and was very fun!  They had so many wonderful 'picture' opportunities - which I LOVE, because I'm obsessed with photos!  And they had animals to see, pet and feed, pumpkins, flowers, apples, tracker rides and a corn maze!  Callie kept talking about how this was such a fun day and it was her favorite day!  When we got in the car to go home, she actually said, "I am so lucky!"  I asked her why, and she responded by saying, "Because I was such a good girl that we got to come here!"

We bought a $5.00 bag of apples and got our fair share...Honeycrisp - the absolute BEST and MN State Apple :)  Each of the kids received a very small pumpkin as well.  It's not official pumpkin season (at least not in our home), so I didn't want to pick up any large pumpkins...yet.  We will get those at a later date!  This time was just for small pumpkins - plus, Collin LOVED the pumpkins!  Carter loved the tracker most, and Callie loved the apples and picking them off the tree!  I think that is the part she was most excited for and had the most fun doing!

:)  Loved driving up to seeing this wonderful sign :)

The food bag was closed, so of course I had to rip it open - not sure if they wanted me to or not, but I did!  Callie was feeding the goats and she kept saying, "Okay, now you are done eating, it's time for the black and white goaty to come eat.  Go away black goaty, you're done."   It was hilarious!  Such a little care taker!

And she even shared with some other girls and gave them the bucket to have a turn :)  Great job Callie!

Haystack fun...and they're free!

This is what happens when I try to take a picture of the 3 of them.  Callie cooperates (most of the time) and the other two go in complete opposite directions!

My handsome boys!

There is nothing better in this world than these three beauties right here!  I LOVE my kids :)

My family!  Callie wanted to sit on the high stack for the picture :)

Gramma & Grampa with the kiddos :) 

The boys loved this bunny - and he was so playful!  He was running around, hopping everywhere!  He even came up to Collin's hand!

She LOVED the pumpkins!  She wanted to pose nonstop for us!

Love the big chair!  The boys would crawl up to the edge and they'd slide back down because it was steep and slippery!


The boys loved the pumpkins as well - they each wanted to take a big one.  Rule in our house - if you can carry it, you can have it!

Collin may or my not have picked off a flower from the beautiful Mums they had.  I snapped this picture of him right as he was handing it to me!  Thanks for the flower sweetie!  I love you :)

Time to venture into the corn maze - the children's corn maze...the big corn maze takes over an hour to get through they say :)

She had to look for the letters A-F, and stamp that letter on her paper.  At the end, she turned it in for prizes!

The crew sticking together so we didn't get lost...I don't want to have "children in the corn..."

Love her!

Callie picking out a prize for herself and her brothers!

Because who wouldn't want toy snakes...seriously!

They had these little scenes set up and they were for taking pictures!  I loved it :)  It was hard to get them to look at me with everything that was going on :)

All of us on the tractor ride :)  The boys LOVED this - especially Carter!  Collin wanted to get down and run around by the end :)

Snuggles for Grampa :)

Apple picking time!  Honeycrisp apples - my favorite!

I LOVE this picture of Callie!

Josh was lifting me up here so I could reach a beautifully red apple!

Collin LOVED his apple!

So did Carter!

Daddy and Callie filling up our bag!

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