Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

Whether I liked it or not, Callie's first day of school was quickly approaching!  

Last week, we attended Callie's Preschool Conference.  This was a HUGE deal to me, because this was the first chance for Callie to meet her preschool teacher AND for me to capture a picture of her and her teacher together :)  She loved it - at first she was a little shy and nervous, but that is okay!  We always tell her, "it's okay to be shy!"

She sat down right away with her classroom assistant, Miss Tina, and started building blocks :)

Callie with Miss Tina :)

Callie with her first teacher, Miss Sheila  :) :)
We know you are going to have an amazing year together this year!  Callie is ready to learn and already loves school!

Callie found her locker :)

There it is :) :)

Callie standing (still conferences) in front of her school's sign!  CLC

This is the Queen of Angels Church that our district is leasing for preschool.  I love how beautiful this building is!

Pardon my "orange" - I was headed to conferences myself.  Turns out all the teachers in my new building wore our new "WEB" tshirts :)  Where Everybody Belongs!

Mommy & Callie together :)

Daddy and his girl together! 

Well, it's here - the First Day of Preschool!  I couldn't even comprehend the fact that I was beginning a new year of teaching, because I could only concentrate on Callie starting her first year of school!  She woke up in a good mood, she got ready really nice, she changed her mind last minute on what outfit she wanted to wear (typical girl in this house), and allowed me to take pictures :)

She is so ready for school, and she is growing up right before my eyes faster than I can understand...and keep up :(

Well, here it is - Callie's FIRST School Backpack :)

From the Disney store (of course) and personalized :)

Her folder!  She loves Ariel, can you tell :)

Callie's matching lunchbox (she picked these out!)

First day of school lunch consisted of: Spaghettio's (she picked), fruit, yogurt and for dessert - a fruit roll-up!  She also had milk at school.

Thanks to Pinterest, every parent can be creative without having to spend a ton of time away from you kids coming up with great things :)  I quickly spray painted this with paint I already had and voila!  I'll make one for each child to use every year on their first day!

My Princess, my baby girl, my sassy, independent, loving, and ever so smart daughter...on her first day of preschool!  She attends 3 days (M-W) for 3 hours :)

Love this!

She thought her sign was pretty cool too!

I love this idea too - I know this will change, but can you tell that she has an "Ariel" mindset!  When Callie grows up, she wants to be...A Human :)  Oh sweet girl, you can totally be that :)

As tradition holds :)
First day of school picture with Jet & Lexi...only this year...Callie was going to school too!

The Fab Five :)
Poor Collin woke up with a fever and he can't seem to fight it :(  Lots of extra snuggles from Jessica today (and lots of Tylenol)...

Jessica with her Kiddos!!!  Just think Jessica, this time 4 years ago, Lexi was entering kindergarten in my class.  Then every year since, she has come to your house on this very morning, being apart of Jet & Lexi's first day of school...and now, she begins her own journey...

Where has the time gone :( 

You're still the best :)  We love you so much!

Jessica with the boys...this will be her day M-W, then on Thursday and Friday she gets everyone back :)  Which will make my lunch packing the night before so much easier! 

Here she is...my big girl in front of her school...

And we're off - tears rolling down my cheeks...big girl :)

Dropping Callie off was a piece of cake!  Her Gal Pal Ella was there!!  YEAH!

And Casey :)  What couldn't be amazing about going to Kids Korner and Preschool when you have such wonderful friends already at your side, cheering you on, learning with you, playing with you and making memories :)

This is going to be a great year :)  I can't to hear all about her days, see her work and projects, hear about her friends and what she is learning!  Discover new books together that she is reading in class!

Callie Lynae, we are so proud of you!  We love you so much!


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