Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby William came to visit :)

Oh yeah, his parents came to visit too!

Blake & Britt were driving through, and I have to tell you - I LOVE being at the south end of MN! It is for reasons like this...we get to see MN visitors first :) Josh and I have been wanting to get out to Chicago, but with this unpredictable weather, we just couldn't chance it. And every long weekend was indeed a snow storm.

Lucky for us, Blake, Britt & William were coming to MN and they stopped to visit the McRae family :)

William is SO HANDSOME! Josh and I forgot how small a 3 month old baby is! He was so sweet and delicate! It was fun to listen to his sweet sounds, kick his little legs, and smile constantly :) He is one happy baby with two AMAZING parents :)

I don't know what Callie was thinking of him, but she definitely wanted to be all up in his face!

We wish you guys lived closer, but we are coming to Chicago this summer and CAN'T WAIT!

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