Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 1/2 months - and growing so fast!

I apologize for it taking me awhile to blog! I have been keeping very busy. Callie and I go to every home basketball game, which are usually Tuesday or Friday nights. If the away game is close, we go to those too! Callie and I go watch daddy coach at 4:45 PM. Then we all eat dinner together (if it's a home game, I feed Callie before we leave...then she eats a snack with us) during the JV game - 6 PM, and then we watch the varsity game at 7:30 PM. We usually get home anytime after 9:00 PM. I know it's late, but we are trying to instill the love of basketball at an early age :)

On January 21st, we brought Callie back into the Dr.'s office. When we were there, I openly admitted to her Dr. that we were probably wasting her time and that I was over reacting for bringing her in, but something just wasn't right. After weighing Callie and finding out that she was still 20 lbs. (has been 20 lbs. for 2 months now), the Dr. told us that Callie had a double ear infection, and that one of them was REALLY bad :( Our poor girl. I wish I had the ability to know what was bothering her, when it was hurting, and that I could fix it. I hate seeing her in pain.

It has been more than 10 days since her appointment, and I think she is finally starting to feel better. If you have been keeping track, that is 3 ear infections in her left ear in like 4 months. The Dr. said when she has 6 ear infections in one ear in one year (tricky sentence!) that is something we will have to worry about - I think that would be when they consider tubes :(

Callie has been doing A LOT of walking around. She pushes her toys around the living room, and she is starting to take some independent steps! We had a snow day today and have a 2-hour late start tomorrow (which is why I'm taking the time to blog), so being able to spend MORE time with her has been amazing for both Josh and I :) Today we were able to watch start walking, catch herself from falling and continue to hold herself up-all while trying to take more and more steps!

She is an eating machine! She is 100% eating anything and everything that we eat (except for the few foods she can't have yet: peanut butter, eggs, honey, etc..). She LOVES Jell-O. I always have some made and ready for her to eat :) When she was eating baby food, I saved all of the plastic "Gerber" containers. Now I just reuse them for her Jell-O (great for small portion size) and all of her other foods! She isn't too messy of an eater-which is very nice :)

She goes to bed very nicely for us! We give her a bottle, read her books, sometimes I sing to her if she's restless, and then lay her in her crib with her blankie, puppy & dolly!

Josh and I are also working on some projects :) He is building a shelf to house all of his components for the TV downstairs! I'm proud of him for working on this by himself :) So far, I think it looks really nice!

As for me, I am finally painting "Callie's Corner"! For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do, but now I know :) I'm not telling how I'm painting it all, but I will tell you this: there is magnetic paint and chalkboard paint involved :) SWEET! I'm also getting ready for Callie's FIRST Birthday Party :) It's crazy to think that my baby girl is almost 1! Her party is going to be spectacular...at least I think so :)

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