Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

In the past, I have not been a HUGE fan of New Years Resolutions, because lets be honest - they are just a way for people to set goals, but very quickly give up on them. I know I have done this, and I feel confident saying "people", because I have seen SEVERAL people set a goal, and then not follow through on it. Hey - I'm just sayin!

My past goals have been silly! My favorite being "Don't mess with perfection!" I reuse this one quite often.

This year is different! Since I'm a mom now, I decided to really go after it, but I'm setting goals that aren't unrealistic (losing a ton of weight, working out 5 times a week, eating only healthy foods, limiting my Facebook stalking hours-yeah right!).

Before I share my goals with you - I figured I would list those of my family :)

First on the list, we have Kix! He has 4 goals for the year!
1. To not meow so much. I know these people are going to feed me in the evening...and only feed me once...I do not need to bother them the entire time they are home!
2. I can run away from her, I can "hit" her, but I will NOT bite the Golden Child!
3. I will TRY not to take too much of my mom's pillow at night...we each have our own!
4. I will try to branch out at table scraps. I typically beg for the meat, but if Callie is going to drop anything, I will open my mind to trying new things!

Next we move down to Callie :) She really has 3 goals for the year!
1. I am going to learn how to walk within the next couple of months!
2. I am going to learn how to talk this year...it's going to be incredible...stay tuned!
3. I am going to CONTINUE to be cute and adorable :) Hey - I like my mom's resolution - "Don't Mess with Perfection!"

Since Josh never updates the blog, I thought I would put his New Years Resolution/goals for the year down for him :) I am (almost) 100% sure this is exactly what he would put down if he were here!
1. Continue to be an amazing father and husband!
2. Spoil my beautifully talented and amazing wife!
3. Try to post an update - from my perspective - on the blog every 5-6 weeks!
4. Continue to try new foods. I know I'm a picky eater, but my wife is an unbelievable cook, so I am going to continue trying new foods...and I'm going to eat broccoli, because it is SO GOOD!
5. Do a better job at working out. I'm not going to be unrealistic here...I really need to do a better job at working out :)

And last, but definitely not least...Here are my New Years Resolutions!
1. Continue to be an amazing mother and wife (Josh tells me I could win the modesty award daily!)
2. I do not want to say that I'm going to become a "workout-aholic" or lose weight, because I am actually pretty happy with my weight...but I do need to do a better job of taking the time to work out. I did an awesome job this summer. I was running everyday and I got myself up to 8 miles easy...but the next day it felt like someone took a sledge hammer to my knees. My bones were literally sticking out of my body-not really, but it sure felt like it. I've done P90X, and that kills my knees (I might have the worlds worst knees...no matter how much training and conditioning I do, they will forever be bad and hurt)...While Josh does P90X downstairs, I am doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (for starters). Not to lose weight, but to work out and tone! Plus it's 20 min. a day...I can handle that :)
3. I have been doing a GREAT job at using coupons! I go online to a few websites: coupons.com, smartsource.com, retailmenot.com...I cut coupons out of the newspaper (when I remember to pick up a Sunday paper...Dad, can you hook me up with Sunday papers delivered to our house in Austin by any chance?), and I wait for good deals. I have even resorted to buying store brand! I have found that it tastes the EXACT same-well, for most things! I have been using my reusable shopping bags and everything! But for some dumb reason, I can't seem to save like the crazies you read about in papers and online (having a $150.00 grocery bill and only paying $25.00). So my goal this year is to have ONE bill show a grand total savings of more than $50.00!! Kohls does not count, because you save everyday at Kohls! I'm talking the Hy-Vee down here in Austin...I will do this!
4. I am going to continue playing with crafts :) Josh bought me a nice sewing desk so I can have my own corner and place to do my crafts! YEAH! Maybe I'll build up the energy to sew him this blanket he's been wanting! We'll see :)
5. Drink more water!

I think those are good enough "goals" for now! I also think they are realistic! The coupon one is my biggest beast...I'm kind of becoming obsessive about it! I'm all about saving an extra buck!
Here are some brand name items we have found work just as well!
Up & Up trash bags (Target)
Up & Up formula (for Callie)...it's like $10.00 cheaper, and since we had to do the switch, we mine as well save!
Up & Up Contact Solution - $5.00 cheaper...and it does the SAME THING!!!
Up & Up laundry detergent - replacing "Dreft". I developed an allergy to detergent, so both Callie and I get to use the expensive stuff! Although I may look into making my own detergent! I'll keep you posted on that venture :)
Almost all HyVee brands for foods: baking, spices, salad items, breads, medicines, juices, milk, etc...

I REFUSE to switch over on certain items (Josh probably thinks I'm crazy!)
Crest Toothpaste with baking soda...I have to use it! All other toothpastes do not do justice! My dentist recently told me I had perfect teeth, so I'm sticking to this kind!
Charmin Toilet Paper...it's soft, does the job, and my old cat's name was Charmin (RIP Charmin!)
Produce & most meat! I have found that some of the meats taste better after you freeze them anyway! I think it is all psychological, but it works!

Also, some papers have coupons for FREE items - like breads and produce. Stock up on the coupons and go get them! I have gotten a lot of bread from Kwik Trip because it's free. HELLO - JUST FREEZE IT!!! It's still good! The bananas on the other hand...yeah you need to eat those! They don't taste as good frozen!

So there you have it :) The McRae's New Years Resolutions!!!! And some added info :)

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  1. Hey just wanted to chime in on an idea. Have you tried using an elliptical? I have bad knees too and the only cardio workout I can manage without hurting my knees is the elliptical! :D


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