Thursday, January 6, 2011

Callie Videos

Here are some videos I captured tonight of Callie! I apologize for the angle. I'm not sure how to turn the videos, so you'll just have to watch them from a different angle!

Here is Callie eating Mac & Cheese. Typically, we feed her foods that are messy, but we decided to just have her go to town :) She has a fork in one hand and shovels it in with another! Notice at one point she actually puts it on the handle and puts the handle in her mouth :)

After dinner every night, if Callie was a good eater, we give her two cookies. They are the "Gerber" cookies - so they aren't "real" cookies...but she LOVES them! She gets really excited when she sees the bag too :)

Callie started doing this crazy dance of excitement on her knees! I'm so glad I captured it on video! She also started giving HIGH FIVES tonight :) I worked with her for literally 1 minute, and she was doing it the rest of the night. Sometimes she really gives you a nice hard high five!!

Here is another video of Callie giving high fives and moving about the living room!

I'm not 100%, but I swear Callie took one small step towards me tonight! I was on the phone with my sister, Colleen, and all of a sudden - she was coming at me! She fell of course, but you have to start somewhere :)

Hope you enjoyed a Callie evening!

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