Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little late...but some 4 month high lights :)

Callie was 4 months old on July 16th (wow, I'm late). The reason I hadn't posted anything, was because her 4 month check up wasn't until 2 weeks after, so I was unable to post any of that information until after the appointment.

I had a really nice blog typed up and saved, but the video wouldn't upload, so I said screw it :) I'll start a new one-no video!

At Callie's 4.5 month check up, she was 14.1 pounds and 24.6 inches long :) We thought she was rather small for her age, but she fell in the dead center (50%) in both weight and height!

The Dr. said her spitting up is going to continue to get worse before it gets better, and it's not going to get better until she starts solids at 6 months - SO...we have to wait it out still ;)

Her eyes are always goopy, because her eye lids are folded inward. The Dr. informed us that it's nothing to worry about and they will begin growing outward as she gets older...then the eye goop will slow down and be normal.

The big news is - Callie has two front teeth! Getting a picture of her two bottom teeth is utterly impossible; however, I am just too talented for my own good :)

Callie continues to roll from her stomach to her back, but has not rolled all the way over yet. She gets stuck with her arm. She can get her legs all the way around, but then that darn arm gets in the way :( Soon enough, it'll come soon enough. You can tell she really does want to roll over, because she starts to get a little frustrated (rolling from back to stomach), and then she'll flip back over and try again. I wonder what she's thinking!

Callie was lucky enough to have her two grandma's babysit her two different times in one week:)

My mom came down for 2 nights :) Callie and Gramma spent ALL day Wednesday and ALL day Thursday together! Josh and I had kindergarten assessments, so we were gone the entire day both days. It was exhausting, but we knew Callie was in great care :)

That weekend Grandma Lynn came down, because Josh and I played in a softball tournament! Lynn was able to spend all day Saturday with Callie playing while mom and dad played softball ;) Being in that heat was exhausting, so it was nice to take naps (cough cough daddy cough cough). Thanks again for sticking around so we could go out with the Denzers that night :)

Callie and I are growing tomato plants too - and they are doing VERY well! Every day Callie and I go out and water our plants, or we pull the weeds out. We check to see how they are doing and when they'll be ready to eat! So far Callie has picked several tomatoes for Josh and I to eat :)

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  1. I just love her tongue! She's so cute! I hope our babies get to meet one day.


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