Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Months Already...HOLY CATS!

Callie is already 5 months old...that's a whole hand! I remember when I was 35 weeks pregnant thinking "Wow, I only have one more hand to go before I'm at 40 weeks!"

She has changed SO MUCH!

On Monday, August 16th - Callie turned 5 months old! We spent the day at the Minnesota Zoo with my parents and 3 of Callie's cousins: Claire, Jeff and Andrew! She had a BLAST! It was so much fun to watch her look around at everything! The water animals were by far her favorite! Josh and I have talked about getting an aquarium for her, because she loves watching the fish, but decided to use our money towards other things! So if anyone wants to buy her one...there you have it!

That night I took my niece/God-daughter Claire with me to Alyssa's VERY SUCCESSFUL Pampered Chef Party! I thinks he had fun! Josh went bowling with my dad for some long awaited bowling lessons from the old pro :) And my mom hung out with Callie and Andrew! Poor Callie was starting to feel a little off...

Tuesday we hung around with our little Miss. She then went to Josh's mom's house to hang out while Josh and I went to the Twins game with the Denzer's! We had such a great time! Josh and Jason made buddy buddy with an older lady who owned a bar - and she bought us all drinks :) Then we saw Brett Favre! He was sitting in the first row (2 rows in front of us) and by the end of the game, we had our picture taken with him :) Remind you this is the exact day that he flew into we felt honored to have our picture taken with him :)

By Wednesday morning, Callie was running a very high fever and not feeling well at all :( We brought her into the Dr. and they did some testing on her. She listened to her breathing and realized that Callie had some raspy breaths, so they took an XRay of her tummy (which Callie hated by the way) and then put her on a Nebulizer. We were giving her the neb 4-6 times a day for a couple days. She really didn't like it, but was willing to take it. She was so miserable, it was heart breaking. She's such a happy girl, that she was trying her hardest to be happy and playful, but you could tell she just wanted to sleep. Finally I took her on some errands with me to help her fall worked!

By Friday afternoon, Callie is starting to feel like her old self again - well, at least she is acting like her old self again!

We did cancel our vacation plans up to the Lakes, because we wanted to keep her in her own home and not change her routine when she's not feeling well. Call us over protective, but we want her healthy. I guess the next time up there will be Thanksgiving.

Callie did something today that is AMAZING :) She rolled over for the FIRST TIME :) All the way! I was at a training for a reading intervention, but Josh noticed she was about to roll, so he grabbed the camera, and guess what - he caught her VERY FIRST ROLL on camera :)

She also enjoys sitting up! She's still having a hard time doing it independently, but you can tell that she really wants to! She'll lean forward and put her hands down, then she'll very carefully swan dive down onto her tummy :) It's pretty cute!

That's all for now :) She's getting healthy, keeping busy and waiting SO patiently for her first visit to the MN State Fair! We weren't going to bring her, but decided that considering Goldy the Gopher is there - we have to have her picture taken with him :)

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  1. Ya love the look a like Favre! LOL We heard about that story at the game last night - by a lady who recognized Jason!! LOL