Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A perfect Mother's Day :)

There has been no other greater gift than the gift of children!  I didn't realize this until I became a mother of my own!  No wonder my parents were so protective of me when I was a kid.  No wonder they were on my case for everything I did - they wanted the best for me because I was their baby girl...

I get it....

I try not to be a helicopter mom...hovering over their every move, but sometimes I cannot help it.  Sometimes I want to prepare them for an accident that is about to happen, but other times I want them to learn because I know, like my mom and Josh's mom knew, one day they will be on their own...without my hand to hang on to, without my kisses or hugs, with out my comfort when they're hurt...

For Mother's Day this year, we were able to spend the afternoon with both of our mothers, as well as our children!  We went to one of our favorite places - the Minnesota Zoo :)

Even the monkey's were able to spend time with their babies :)

I feel so fortunate to have two amazing women to look up to for the type of mother I want to be!  Our children are even more blessed, because these two incredible mothers of ours get to be grandmas to my babies!  WOW - so lucky and so much love :)

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