Thursday, April 10, 2014

McRae Family Spring Break Part 2/2

For Callie's 4th Birthday, Papa and Sharon gave her some cash to pick out her own we took Callie and the boys to the Mall of America to Build a Bear :)  Callie was able to pick out whichever animal she wanted and dress it up to her liking :)  We felt bad for the boys waiting in their stroller in this fun store, so we let them pick out a $12.00 animal!  The line alone was insane, and we were so close to the front to begin with!

Collin had to hand off his puppy to the employee, which he was happy to do, yet unsure!

Carter witnessed both Callie and Collin, so he was all for handing it off to her :)

The kids had to kiss a heart, rub it on their nose, hand, tummy, etc...then stick it inside of the animal :)  I love how into this they all were!

Since this was Callie's special trip, she was the first to go :)  She helped stuff her bear!  Josh and I decided this place must make a killing!  This has to be so cheap to ACTUALLY make - and you can't walk out without spending a ton of money....

Collin's turn to fill his animal - he chose the puppy!

Carter's turn to fill his bear - he chose a white bear :)

Callie was waiting patiently while her brothers filled their bears!

Time to brush and fluff their animals!  Callie was very particular about brushing and fluffing all parts of her bear!  The boys just enjoyed the air blowing down!

Since we let Callie pick out an outfit, she was able to send her bear to the dressing room!  She had picked out a super cute pink tutu dress!!!

She's so proud :) :)

Of course her bear needs shoes :)

Well, here they are with their animal kennels!  Callie named hers "Rainbow", Collin "Woof, Woof" and Carter "No, No"

Some nice Sorority Sisters offered to take a family picture :)

Look who stopped by Build-A-Bear!!!

We were able to take the kids into Nickelodeon Universe and ride some of their rides :)  We also met up with Gramma Lynn and Larry - the kids were so excited to see them :)

The McRae Family personal favorite: The Carousel!  They have these awesome belts that you can wrap around the kids - which is great, because it keeps them in place...especially the boys :)  Callie is such a fan of this ride.  There are always tears when we step off.  Callie understands, but the boys were pretty upset.

The kid's fans :)

Waiting in line for the "Bus"

And yes...the boys DID start wrestling :)  Such stinkers!  At least they were keeping everyone entertained!

Seriously - I love these four people more than anything!  McRae Family riding a ride together :)

There is a serious relationship between these two!  They adore each other :)

We rode the trucks :)

This ride may be another favorite - especially with the boys :)  They LOVE LOVE LOVE this ride!  Their second time on it and we could have stayed on it!

The kids had pretty much had enough.  They were at the mall all day, no nap, TONS of excitement, so we were going to get ready to head out and head home.  Well, we spotted the Easter Bunny.   Knowing this could possibly turn into a nightmare Easter Bunny visit, I attempted it anyway!  Seriously, look at this picture :)  It is 100% adorable :)  All three kids looking and smiling :)

AH!  SO wonderful, so happy, so blessed, so honored to be their mommy :)

Extra love and hugs!

The boys very quickly fell asleep after our Easter Bunny visit!

On our way out, we saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  We immediately thought of our friend Casey, so Callie wanted to take pictures with them!

:)  So cool!

Such great sports - they even took pictures with our sleeping boys!  Some day the boys will look back at these pictures and be so mad that they weren't awake for this :)

Not sure who the "red" turtle is, but he was sleepy as well!!!

There you have it, a McRae Family Spring Break :)  I love our fun events and memories made!


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