Monday, March 10, 2014

The small celebrations with a crazy family...

When your life is fast paced like ours, you celebrate the small things that become HUGE accomplishments in our life!  When I say fast paced, I don't mean we're never home and never with our kids...I simply mean that we both work full time jobs and try to soak up every minute we can with our children.  When we get home from work - we are WITH our kids.

When 6:00 PM hits every night we either groan or celebrate!  Tonight, we groaned...Bath night!
Not that we dislike bathing our children - I actually LOVE it!  The kids have fun in the bath, we get to hear Carter freaking out because once again, I have to wash his hair!  Collin gets mad because even though his fingers are prunes, he has to get out of the tub!  The moment he is out he says, "brrrr" over and over...while clinging to you for dear life!

Callie just loves to play in the warm bath.  Tonight she was excited because her Ariel doll finally has a playmate - Belle has joined the tub (Thanks Sandkuhlers!).  Callie rotates her wash cycle - leaning back in the tub or having the shower...

Every other night we have a small celebration..."no bath" - extra time!

Tonight, I very quickly realized one other celebration!  All the kids were in bed, asleep.  Josh was helping the Denzer's with something.  I had folded all the laundry, put it away, picked up the living room, finished the dishes and gathered lunches for tomorrow...I walked downstairs to the cold basement to grab the laundry from the dryer...when I opened the dryer door and the light lit up the large bright bin, I smiled and had a mini party inside...NO LAUNDRY TO FOLD!  No laundry in the washing machine, and only a couple towels on the floor (dirty - but not enough to be one load).

I'm done!  I am done for the night!  Sure I could clean the bathroom - it needs it...sure I could wash the kitchen floor - it also needs it...

Instead, I made hot chocolate, buttered popcorn, grabbed my laptop and sat down on the couch...relaxing and watching the movie Uptown Girls.  I forget how much I love this movie :)

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life...they're amazing!

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