Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Sometimes there just isn't anything better to do than to get outside with your family and just...PLAY!  The boys pushed around shovels, Callie ran, jumped, fell, made snow angels, crawled in and out of the fort, pulled the sled, rode in the sled and of course...ate snow!

The boys have played in the snow this winter, but today was perfect!  Josh was home so we were all out there!  Josh built a great fort for the kids that they can crawl into and hang out, and then crawl out the tunnel.  

Carter had a blast shoveling the snow and walking around...on the driveway!  Turns out his boot is a little big for his foot (our boots were donated to us from friends), and it kept falling off.  He was a trooper though - he never complained about his boots being off!  There were two times that Carter was standing on the driveway looking into the yard and decided to just drop into the snow - belly flop style!  He picked his head up out of the snow and looked at me like "WTF MOM"!  It was hilarious!  Then he just did it again :)

Collin is going to be Daddy's little side kick whenever it comes to outdoor work!  If snow blowers had an attachment for kids, Collin would ride in it.  Heck there's a million dollar idea - they have toy lawn mowers, why not toy snow blowers!  Collin is much more daring IN the snow.  He was in and out of the fort, in the snow, eating the snow and wanting to get into all of our "adult" shovels!

Josh was throwing the kids into the snow - it was HILARIOUS!  They just plopped down and stayed there!  It really reminded me of the movie Frozen when they dropped 100 feet away from the snow monster :)

Carter was so cute - he fell in and would have stayed there all day!

Josh's great "10 minute" snow fort!  "Hi Callie"

It's so quiet by our house - why not go for a walk down the middle of the street!  One thing I love about our neighborhood!!!

In the picture below, I told Collin to go hold Carter's hand.  Collin started to reach out and Carter took off running...Collin just walked behind all sad!  So he held my hand instead!

Since the snow pile by our house is a fort with a tunnel, we don't want the kids on top of it, so our traditional snow pile hill is at the end of the driveway.  Not my favorite place, but it was okay today :)

Who's in there??

"Hi Collin!"

One of Carter's many face planting moments!

We had a fun filled day in the snow and it was so nice to get the kids outside and out of my hair the house!  Back to work for mom and dad tomorrow...

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