Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another GREAT day to remember :)

Today is September 3, 2011. The reason I am writing this blog starting with a date is because I don't want to forget this day!

Callie Lynae is almost one and a half years old. She is little Miss Independent and has her mommy's sassy personality! Sometimes I am mad at myself for letting her see this side of me, but I think it will help her to grow into a strong, independent woman...and I do want that for her!

She is currently OBSESSED with her baby dolls and copies her mommy and daddy in taking care of them! She makes sure they are in their car seat or stroller the right way, she feeds her babies milk and juice, she rocks her baby, covers her up with a blanket, reads her books, and even says "Shhhh" whenever baby is sleeping :) She is such a wonderful daughter and we are SO blessed to have her in our lives. I can't believe how intelligent she is - she makes me so proud :)

Callie does have her flaws though. Right now, at the current stage in her life, Callie has a VERY hard time sharing. I know this is common, but I also don't want her to think everything is hers. We have play dates for her and try to get her around kids her age...but it might not be enough.

Josh and I have always talked about having our second child and Callie be three years apart. He was an only child but has Kayla (half sister) who is only 4 years younger. They have a GREAT relationship! My sister that is closest in age to me is 5 years older, and that's too far apart.

After a lot of talking and planning it out - Josh and I decided that we were ready to begin trying for our 2nd child! Again, today is September 3, 2011 :) We couldn't be anymore excited either. We haven't told anyone we're trying, and we don't plan on telling anyone when we're pregnant (right away at least). But I just couldn't wait to share this news!

So I have officially had my last beer until after our second child is born (no fun, creative names until we are actually pregnant!). I am still currently drinking my daily diet coke to keep me awake, but will eventually stop when the test reads positive!

Last stop still on the docket - El Mariachi's to have their YUMMY DELICIOUS quaso dip...before I'm not allowed to eat it!

As I finish writing this exciting blog, I can't help but feel so excited to know that hopefully soon, another human being will be growing inside of me! Our family of three will become four! Callie will have a playmate and God will show me how I am capable of loving another child as much as I love Callie - because that is something I am struggling with!

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