Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're a little bossy!

This past weekend, Josh and I decided to stay home (instead of traveling to the cities), due to weather. Instead, we went to Target for a "Dr. Seuss I Love To Read" Celebration :) It was so much fun! Callie was seriously a big girl.

They had these big bean bag chairs, and she just sat down in them like no big deal ;) She's just too fun!

Then as we were leaving, we received a phone call from a friend asking if we wanted to have a lunch/play date at Gymocha (Austin's best coffee shop). Karol & Ella were at Gymocha when we arrived! It was like our girls knew it was a play date for them :) These following pictures describe it all! But here's what I have realized from our play date...

Callie acts like she owns the place whenever she is somewhere (all the time).
Callie is very bossy already! She thinks she owns the place or something...wonder where she gets that from!?

We're working on sharing...but it's a hard concept at her age!

She's a happy girl - all the time!

She LOVES other kids - especially girls!

Karol, Ella, Callie & I :)

:) Callie gets jealous whenever my attention goes towards someone else...

The girls LOVED playing with Beth :)
She's fun!

Ella wanted to crawl under the highchair to play...Callie didn't want that!
She's being bossy!

Callie also didn't want Ella to go anywhere - so she decided to SIT on her!

Hmmmm...Let's see what my mom packed in my bag :)

Like mother-like daughter! Playing basketball in a dress :)

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