Sunday, November 14, 2010

One BIG Month...

Callie is about to turn 8 months old, and Josh and I cannot believe all of the "Firsts" Callie has had this month!

First time pulling herself up to sitting position.
First time Crawling.
First time pulling herself up standing position (see video below).
First time eating "hard" foods (puffs and yogurt bites).
First time waving.
First time experiencing "Stranger danger".
First time mimicking "A blah blah blah" sounds (see video below).
First snow fall/sitting in the snow/eating snow.
First time seeing her very own Christmas tree.
First time having 6 teeth in her mouth.

I feel like this list could go on and on...

Josh and I absolutely ADORE having Callie in our lives. She is such a joy to us and truly makes our hearts smile.

Below are some videos capturing her new "tricks", and some pictures with captions! We took her 8 month photos a couple days early! I know this is a Halloween costume, but this is what Callie is Thankful for this Thanksgiving, so cut us some slack :) :)

Daddy giving his snow angel some kisses!

Eating snow for the first time :) She didn't like it at first!

Callie sitting in snow for the first time!!
(This is the very little amount that we got in Austin. It melted that night)

This is one of my favorite pictures :)

Checking out the snow :)

The world's cutest jacket from Grandma Lynn :)
(I had to buy matching boots!!)

8 Month Photo Shoot!
"I'm Thankful for my Giraffes"


Such a cute little Giraffe!

Callie has a secret obsession with Giraffes!

Checking our her first Christmas Tree!!

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