Saturday, August 22, 2009

The small white flicker...

Who would have thought that the single flicker of a small white line could bring so much joy to Josh and I? That flicker was the movement of our babies heartbeat!

This past week, Josh and I went in for our first ultrasound visit! We met with our Dr. who was REALLY nice! Josh also was able to experience what it is like visiting the "female Dr." for the first time...he was a trooper! He quickly came up by my head!

Something I have seen on movies numerous times, but never REALLY believed...the gel. Was it really warm? Or did they always pretend it was to fool you and it was actually an ice cold substance being dripped onto your stomach? was warm! And what a relief, because they do not keep those rooms warm at all (especially when you are sitting on a paper covered Dr.'s bed/cot in a sheet). We were able to see our baby right away from the "tummy" ultrasound, but it was very difficult to make it out. I was a little disappointed because I couldn't see anything. I felt like Rachel on the friends episode when she said "YEAH! But I don't see anything :(" Haha! Josh was all excited because he saw, but I didn' was a cluster of cells that were really fuzzy.

That's when our Dr. decided she better do the vaginal ultrasound. I will not go into detail here! This was so beautiful! The moment the camera displayed our baby on the screen-both Josh and I melted. It was instant love at first sight! You could clearly see his/her head, its arms and legs! The Dr. said he/she was continuously kicking me, but I couldn't feel anything yet.

You see, I have been feeling so wonderful this whole pregnancy. I would feel nauseous every now and then, but nothing like other women experience. I'm pretty alert, not too tired...overall I feel normal! So before this appointment, I would question whether or not there really was a baby in there at all (yes, I did pee on another stick one day just to said yes!).

The moment our Dr. pointed out a small white flicker that was moving rather quickly (165 beats), it all became a reality! That was our babies heart beat! It was a small living human being inside of me! Then our Dr. did the most beautiful thing...she turned the sound on :) It was the most beautiful sound! Josh leaned over me and touched the screen and said "That, that right there...that's our babies heart beat!" I will never forget that moment! I could see it in Josh's became real!

We also were blessed with pictures! Now I've seen a lot of ultrasounds pictures in my life, and these were SO REAL! So easy to see :)

Enjoy McBaby McRae...we have been!

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  1. AHHHH I'm going to be gramma again!!! And I'm thinking "GIRL!"!!! But we'll take a boy - just so it's healthy!!! And love to play HOOPS!
    XOXOXOXOOXOX Mom/gramma


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