Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Birds are gone!!! Fly away bird, fly away bird!

If you have been to our house, you know that we have furniture from my Godmother. Granted we were so thankful for her generous gift, the fabric just didn't suit our style! It was from the 1970's, had wood trim and a wood back piece, and it had BIRDS on it! Blue birds...

It was very comfortable and in mint condition, but it just wasn't what we wanted.
Knowing this fun fact about us, Josh's dad offered to give us their furniture because He and Sharon were getting NEW furniture!

1. New furniture for us that didn't have birds on it
2. Easy to slip cover to make them look like new

So today, Josh and I went up to celebrate his dad's birthday and then pick up some furniture. Blake met us there and showed us his mastery tow strappin skills!

Let me tell you - I was good at just taking pictures :) (with my new camera that Josh bought for my early birthday present - April 27th in case you didn't know!!!)...

We drove all the way BACK to Austin like 2 hours later and I enjoyed watching Blake and Josh move furniture around. They put the birds in the garage (although the chair is sill in our house until we sell it...), moved the new furniture in, and even had time to play a little Dr. Mario on the Wii!!

Josh and I went to Target and bought a few things. We bought new slip covers to make it our own, and some accent pieces to bring out some color. This summer we are going to paint our walls and get some new window treatments...but it's a work in progress!

One day, we will own furniture of our own...but for now, we really appreciate those who give us what we need :)

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